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How to dye satin shoes

Ingredients needed

  • White satin shoes (please note: leather shoes are not suitable for dyeing)
  • A loose piece of satin for testing the colour (always provided with satin shoes)
  • A pot (which you are not going to use for ordinary cooking any later)
  • An old spoon or other tool for mixing the dye
  • Multi-purpose dye (very small quantity will do)
  • Clean sponge or a brush (ideally a new one)
  • Multi-purpose household gloves
  • Water
  • Pinch of salt (optional)
  • Your costume available nearby to compare colours


  1. Pour 0.5 litre of water to the pot
  2. Bring water to a nearly boiling state
  3. Wear the gloves (or you will dye your hands too)
  4. Add a pinch of dye to the hot water
  5. You can (but do not have to) add a small pinch of salt (some say it helps)
  6. Mix everything thoroughly
  7. Repeat until the color is right
    • Using the sponge apply liquid to the testing piece
    • Compare its colour with your costume
    • If testing piece lighter than costume
      • Add more dye powder to the pot and mix again
      • Go to step 7
    • If testing piece darker than costume
      • Add water to the pot and mix again
      • Go to step 7

    At this point the colour of your mixture should be right!

  8. Using the sponge apply the liquid to the satin side of your shoes evenly

    Note: Do not panic if the color does not look very even or looks too dark.
    It will look much lighter and more even after the shoes dry out
    You may repeat step 8. twice or 3 times for better colour

  9. Leave the shoes for 24 hrs. to dry out
  10. Clean the pot, spoon and any other tools you used immediately (it will be much harder later)
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